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Most Common PC Issues

Computer Runs Slow
Is your computer system taking its sweet time to load your desktop icons every time you turn it on? Your programs might also be running at a snail’s pace as well. Chances are that you have also come across your fair share of computer crashes.Read more »

Blue Screen
It figures, you bought a brand new PC from the store, plug it in and expect the familiar windows icon that everyone knows and loves to pop up on the screen. What pops up instead is a menacing blue screen that defies your every attempt to access your desktop.Read more »

Slow Windows Shutdown
Your OS is taking its sweet time to shut down and you are already late for your appointments. This is a frustrating aspect for users to say the least. A system should take seconds, not 5 minutes, to show the blank screen that indicates that you are done for the day. Read more »

Can’t Delete Files
You keep hitting the delete button but the file that you are trying to trash just won’t budge. It’s just sitting there, mocking you with a plethora of files that are clogging up your hard drive and slowing your processor’s speed. So what could be the problem? Read more »

Internet Explorer Freezes
It can be tough when Internet Explorer freezes especially if you are used to working on or counting on it to install another program. The search engine might have been working well for you previously but that doesn’t mean that it will keep doing so. Read more »

Computer Reboots Randomly
It can be a pain having to deal with a computer system that keeps rebooting on its own and wasting the files that haven’t already been saved. There goes all of your hard work down the drain. Some of the most common indications include the following.Read more »